Forward Paddling – a close look at 2 key elements

Whether you’re a beginning paddler who wants to build a solid foundation or you’re an experienced Class V kayaker, every boater will benefit from honing their forward stroke. So spend some time practicing the tips laid out in this video by Adidas team member Michele Ramazza, one of the world’s top professional paddlers.
The forward stroke is a basic paddling skill, but that does not mean make it simple to learn. Everyone gives the advice of “rotate your torso,” but few paddlers can clearly articulate what that means and break it down into its constituent parts. This video gives a really good overview of how and why torso rotation is so important to all disciplines of paddling. It also explains how torso rotation connects with intricate details of grip, wrist angle, and arm movement that can make the forward stroke more efficient and prevent injuries.
This is not a fast paced tutorial but rather a thoughtful sharing of technique that has worked across disciplines.

Film by Michele Ramazza

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 01.06.29

Interesting concept for adaptation of forward stroke for different environments included in this tutorial.

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