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I now work in outdoor education but that is just the latest change of direction in a life lived full. I worked in child care on leaving college, becoming one of the first residential care officers to get a formal qualification from Derby Lonsdale College.
Seven years of intensive work with youngsters in residential care was rewarding and draining. The wish to start a family …… (to be continued!)


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  1. Louis Pinto says:

    Good to meet you on Sunday on the Eden.

    I asked about local rivers to paddle which would for a 2/3 day trip and you mentioned the Soar. I would be grateful if you could provide me a few details of the route (put ins, take outs and suggested camp spots). Many thanks Louis

  2. Paul Boggis says:

    Hi Andy

    I really didn’t do justice to the feedback form from last weekends Level 1 Coach assessment. So, thank you for a really good day in canoes! I learned plenty, enjoyed picking your brains and really liked your relaxed style that put us all at ease. It was great to meet you too.



  3. I saw you made the drawings in this summary of some paddle draws. We would like to use them in a Swedish context while educating instructors.


    Pleas contact me

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