Sun and snow on a BEL weekend

Last weekend was the second installment of the Basic Expedition Leaders training at Wetton in the White Peaks. Awoken on Sunday morning in the teepee to the sound of rain, by the time I had my coffee and porridge done it had turned to large flakes of snow. The afternoon was given over to a walk involving leadership scenarios being thrown at us to take turns at dealing with. The snow was long gone and the sunshine made the walk a pleasure, the company and games just made it a laugh.  The photos are our team in a group shelter out on Wetton Hill. You could be forgiven for thinking that one of the earlier scenarios was to steal a large garden gnome with a red hat and hide it in the shelter. Our course leader, Ned (get auff my land) Needham, confronted us as the angry landowner. My many years experience of water bailiffs and fishermen whist canoeing equipped me well for the encounter.

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